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Removal of outdated buildings to make way for the new construction is a primary part of our business. In circumstances where selective demolition is required to upgrade a facility or property, H2F excels in precision and safety.


Highest Quality in Demolition Services

Looking for top of the line demolition contractors. We can't wait to help you get started.

We value your time and we provide our commercial demolition services in Calgary Area with YOU in mind. We know that any kind of construction, renovation or demolition is important to you. That is why we have the best estimators to deal with any of your demolition issues. We are reachable by phone, web, or e-mail. We observe the highest standards of safety and cleanliness in all of our commercial demolition projects. We clean up after every job and leave your property neat and tidy upon job completion.




In the world of commercial demolition, it is not uncommon to need interior demolition services only. Whether you need work done to your retail store, office space, or self-storage unit, interior demolition can be the best way to go. Commercial interior demolition is the process of clearing out the inside of a commercial space, usually with the intent of changing up the way it ends up being used. With stores, for example, this can mean rebranding and new layouts that could not be realized with the existing structures in the way. H2F is highly skilled in performing interior demolition projects and we have a significant amount of experience doing this type of work. Demolishing commercial interiors is one of the most in demand types of demolition today, so it's no surprise that our crew is very familiar with it.


H2F offers a wide variety of residential demolition services for our clients. We do everything from house demolition, concrete demolition, and bathroom demolition. If you need any part of your household demolished you can rest easy knowing that H2F has you covered. We take many steps to ensure both safety and quality of work for our demolition contractors and our customers. We work hard to provide the level of professionalism and expertise that you should expect from a high quality demolition company in all of our residential demolition projects.